About LuxIC

LuxIC is the short name of the Luxembourg Association for Intellectual Capital, a non-profit asbl (association sans but lucratif). Its purpose is to promote Intellectual Capital (IC) as a strategic framework for measuring and managing the intangible assets and activities of nations, regions, cities, companies and other types of communities and networks, specially in the context of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Most of the founders of LuxIC are also members of the New Club of Paris, the leading international association of IC practitioners and experts, as well as NexPros, an offshoot of CEPROS, a volunteer think tank.

LuxIC Committee:

Jean-Jacques Mertens, President
Sylvain Cottong, Vice President
Susan Alexander, Secretary general and Research
Denis Mertens, Treasurer
Hank Kune, NCP liaison

New Club of Paris (NCP)

The New Club of Paris was founded in 2006 as a consequence of two events:

  • The finalisation of the RICARDIS (Reporting Intellectual Capital to Augment Research, Development and Innovation in SMEs) report by a high-level expert group appointed by the European Commission. The report recommended a number of steps to the Commission for encouraging companies in Europe to apply Intellectual Capital Reporting as a new method of knowledge leadership relating the Lisbon agenda.
  • A major annual conference under the auspices of the World Bank Institute in Paris, initiated by Professor Ahmed Bounfour, focussing on “The Intellectual Capital of Nations, Regions and Communities.” The conference, was held for the eighth time in Paris on 31 May-1 June 2012 with the theme, “Open Innovation, Knowledge Flows, and The New Innovation Policy Agenda.”

The founders of The New Club of Paris were Professor Leif Edvinsson, President, Professor Ahmed Bounfour, Vice President and Professor Günther Koch, General Secretary. The Club is established as an international association under Austrian law with its seat in Vienna. Information about the Board and membership is available on the group’s website.

Among its activities, the New Club of Paris organises Round Tables, usually by invitation. The purpose of a Round Table is to provide a forum for setting an agenda relating to the development of the knowledge society policies of a country, a region or a community.

The New Club of Paris cooperates with other organizations and institutes such as the Club of Rome and the World Capital Institute.

In February 2013, LuxIC was organizing NCP’s annual winter meeting in Luxembourg: NCP winter meeting 2013 agenda


NexPros is a continuation of the work of a group of participants in CEPROS.

CEPROS–the Centre d’Études PROSpectives–was established in 1996 as a non-profit asbl, or association sans but lucratif. Non-political and independent, CEPROS relied on volunteer professionals with diversified backgrounds. Its purpose was to undertake socioeconomic, socio-political and scientific studies to optimise Luxembourg’s position at regional, European and international levels.

Two reports were produced by the group:

  • Luxembourg Business in the New Digital Economy (2000)
  • Luxembourg Business in the New Digital Economy, an Update (2003).

The latter report is available online in .pdf format.

The ongoing eurozone crisis highlighted a range of strategic issues of significant concern to Luxembourg. In addition, other long-standing issues were identified to which solutions have yet to be found by either policy makers (”top→down”) or citizens (”bottom→up”).

In response, the original group decided it was time to launch a third initiative. As CEPROS had in the meantime been disbanded, the group decided to call itself NexPros.

The results of this collaboration to date have been the formation of the asbl LuxIC–the Luxembourg Association for Intellectual Capital–and the conference, The Future of Luxembourg.

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LuxIC welcomes new members. To join, please transfer €20.00, which comprises €10.00 association fee and €10.00 membership fee for 2013 to LuxIC’s account at BCEE.

IBAN LU47 0019 3955 7088 2000

Please make sure to include your name in the communication field.

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